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Paris PV exhibition! Chinese popular fabrics to the world to pass fashion stronger!

Paris PV exhibition! Chinese popular fabrics to the world to pass fashion stronger!

The companies that make it to the Paris PV show are the equivalent of the Olympic men's 100m final."This is a metaphor that has gained recognition in the world of textile clothing.

Premiere Vision Paris, namely Paris PV exhibition, is also known as the first French visual fabric exposition. As a top-level textile and fabric exposition open to global textile professionals, it is also the most authoritative and latest fabric fashion trend in the world, and its authoritative position in the industry is obvious to all. On February 7, 2017, this world-class fashion event has begun again!






PV Exhibition scene

China has 33 textile enterprises attending the event, of which 11 are from the national textile product development base. The products exhibited include wool, cotton, silk, jacquard, artificial fur fabric and yarn, etc. The fashion style of China's textile fabrics in spring and summer 2018 can be seen from various aspects. There are five Chinese textile fabrics fashion trend research and publish league) (hereinafter referred to as, trend alliance, as a national textile product development base fashion pioneer representative enterprise, carrying on spring/summer 2018 China's textile fabrics popular trend development trend of new product, PV power to advance Paris exhibition, boost China's textile shake spring/summer 2018 world textile fabrics fashion trend!

Shandong Jining Ruyi Woolen Textile Co., Ltd.

National research center on fashion trend of men's worsted fabrics National development base of worsted textile products


Fabrics booth:Hall 6 P14

Yarns booth :Hall 6 D52

Jiangsu Danmao Textile Co., Ltd.

National women's worsted fabric trend research center

National development base of worsted fabrics


Fabrics booth :Hall 6 P31

Haining Tianyi Textile Co., Ltd.

National jacquard fabric trends research center

National fashion jacquard fabric product development base


Fabrics booth:Hall 5 C18、D17

Zhejiang Steady Textile & Clothing Co., Ltd.

National jacquard fabric trends research center

National fashion jacquard fabric product development base


Fabrics booth:Hall 5 N48

Ning Bo Wei Yi Plush Co., Ltd.

National research center for artificial fur trends

National development base of artificial fur products


Fabrics booth:Hall 5 H46

The trend alliance enterprises are the outstanding peers of the 16 member enterprises of the trend alliance, and also an important part of the trend alliance. In the PV exhibition, the world-class display platform, the trend of Chinese textile fabrics in the spring and summer of 2018 is interpreted by the strength of new products, which has won the attention of the global textile and clothing industry. This is the trend. One of the key links in the systematic work of potential alliance is "market promotion"


Trend Alliance Systematically Promotes the Development of Member Enterprises-From Trend Research Proposal Meeting to Product Occupancy of Target Market, it covers three links of Trend Research, Product Development and Market Promotion, promotes the optimization and upgrading of industrial circulation chain, and urges "fabric enterprises mainly accept the guidance of brand companies to produce" to "fabric enterprises". According to the trend information, the industry guides the purchasing development of brand companies, and promotes the initiative of textile and fabric enterprises as the upstream of the industrial chain.

For the Spring and Summer of 2018, Trend Alliance has held the Spring and Summer of 2018 China Textile Fabric Popular Trend Proposal Meeting, Fashion Salon, and "Fashion Wanli Xing" Alliance Enterprise Visit Events since November of 2016, to promote textile enterprises to carry out trend research and product development, and in each link deep plough popular trends and industrial practice. Combination. Participating in world-class industry exhibitions such as PV, Texworld and so on is the keynote of "marketing" by Trend Alliance. At the The 40th (2018 s/s season) TEXWORLD exhibition, which opened on February 6, Trend Alliance has successfully released the trend of Chinese textile fabrics in spring and summer of 2008. Nearly 400 trend fabrics have been highlighted and attracted the whole exhibition. Global industry vision - to promote China's textile enterprises to better and more to the world, the trend alliance is being practiced and gradually realized; to promote China from the "world processing plant" to "fashion policy source" for the global economic development and fashion trend to provide China's program.

China Textile Information Center PV Exhibition Investigation Team Visits Trend Alliance Enterprises Ruyi, Danmao, Tianyi, Sande, Weiyi Booth:




Attached: China textile fabric trend research and publishing alliance

Trend of union membership "Fabrics China - Chinese popular Fabrics" system, by the China textile information center, national textile product development center, united textile and apparel field leading experts and national textile product development base to form a trend of textile material research, product development, brand promotion cooperation system, is a product development capacity for independent innovation of China's textile enterprises outstanding collection, members have "national textile product development base", together with the national textile product development base enterprise boosting China has more powerful fashion discourse.

Besides the trend alliance enterprises, there are also many other national textile product development base member enterprises. They are the backbone of China's popular fabric engineering, and also the strength composition of the Chinese exhibition team. Together, we can deliver fashion to the world. Let's also experience the highlights from the scene silhouette:

Bros Eastern Co., Ltd.


Yarns booth:Hall 6 E51

Huafu Holding Co., Ltd.

National development base of new color spinning products


Yarns booth:Hall 6 E55

Shandong Nanshan Fabric & Garment Co., Ltd.

National high pure wool product development base


Fabrics booth:Hall 6 N18、P19

2018 s/s and The 40 th (season) TEXWORLD exhibition is closely linked, Premiere Vision Paris exhibition has authority goes up, focus on textile and apparel fashion trends, power industry development, there will be what industry event of common concern to The personage inside course of study? Welcome to the follow-up report of FabricsChina WeChat.